Deng Ocean stands for teamwork & credibility

Deng Ocean Beijing Trading LTD. has to be seen as the collaboration of the second and third generations’ effort of a family business.  In the 1970s and 80s first trade business with China focused on the export of textiles and running a flourishing wholesale business in Hamburg, Germany. The changing global market and the new generations’ preferences lead to a shift in the core product supply towards food supplements.

In 2011 the time was finally ripe to turn the trade business around and use the accumulated knowledge to advance into the demands of global trade in the 21st century. It was time to start the import business to China. As could be expected we faced a number of challenges whilst applying existing knowledge to a close but not similar trade. First and foremost a Chinese legal entity had to be established. This happened in the Form of Deng Ocean Beijing Trading LTD.. The second phase mostly concentrated on acquiring the necessary license to be a general importer. Once this was achieved a product line had to be fixed to enter the Chinese market. By here at the latest our existing knowledge of the dynamics of the Chinese market proved to be extremely valuable. Furthermore, all products demand specific import processes which have now to be established to fully concentrate on the distribution.

At present we are running an office with a storage unit in Beijing with a young and motivated team to conquer the Chinese consumer market and expand our knowledge and position every day.

Our Team

Kai Büchsenmann


Paul Büchsenmann

CEO China

Jin Bing

Sales Director

Wen Wei

Business Development Manager

David Schaumann

Sales Manager

Cordial Zhang

Import Manager

Shawn Xiong

Sales Assistant

Mission statement

The main focus of our import activities is towards the Chinese consumer markets. First and foremost the development of the Chinese middle class lead to a group of consumers who care very much for the quality of their products and have the means to afford them.
There has always been a strong luxury market in China. As described above we are aiming for a niche under this upper class. Our research suggests that here food and nutrition with a special focus on baby-products is in high demand. Apart from this segment we are however also looking towards cosmetics and trending products. As we see ourselves as a startup in this environment we are happy to embrace dynamics and use our flexibility to be competitive.

You may read more about the culture and morals of Deng Ocean in our Mission Statement. However, what can be said in short is that recent history has presented us with many young managers who successfully lead their projects to sustainable growth. We pride ourselves with being a young and dynamic team that does not lack the focus or determination of more seasoned individuals. Luckily we can furthermore rely on a vast network of experienced and reliable consultants in Europe and China who are fully involved in this venture and are eager to apply their knowledge to modern global trends such as ours. As always in history and philosophy the mix and equilibrium of things makes perfection and Deng Ocean also prides itself by keeping a perfect balance to achieve greatness.

Vision & Values

What are values and do they apply globally or should there be an adjustment for culture? How to those form into a Vision?
We think that values have to be individually defined. Adapting values of a society or religion can be at best a perfect copy. We pride ourselves however in assuring that our values are routed within personal experiences and shared desires. The history and dreams of the people in our company make our values so to speak. Anyone choosing to get involved with Deng Ocean; be it young or old, male or female, Western or Eastern follows the same values.
These values include general principles of society such as are repeated in multiple religions. Additionally and trade-wise more importantly we have a strong code of ethics and morals. Hereby we define ethics as concepts that apply globally and ethics as such that apply individually. Our ethicsal code includes, but is not limited to:

  • Equal opportunity – we do not differ between race, gender, origin or any other individual characteristic. This applies internally as much as externally when it comes to collaborations.
  • Share of Wealth – we believe in the equal distribution of profits. Our staff is entitled to an adequate share of every project they undertake.
  • Environmentally Conscious – throughout all levels we are looking to act with regard to our environment. This is not always easy when it comes to calculating margins, but our children shall thank us all one day.

Societies moral compass is as twitchy as one held over the poles, because the global economy and the worlds different cultures are to complex to be judged by one.  We pride ourselves however in relating to the following principles in all countries and markets that we visit:

  • Any work attempted is not to be so because of external motivation but because of a strong desire to find and fulfill ones purpose.
  • Our own safety and integrity is not to be priced or adapted.
  • In line with the above stated ethical code we feel obliged not to differ from its course for any personal reason.
  • Demanding a share is the same as giving a share in respect to the partners of our collaborations.

Our Vision is therefore derived from our individual desires.
To form our perfect team one needs an experienced supplier, a knowledgeable processer and a skilled seller.
In accordance with all the above we can assure to offer:

  • People working on supplying goods, because they have a strong desire to deliver the best quality with regards to price and ethics.
  • People working on the import process meticulously because they are fully committed to finding the perfect channel with regards to price and ethics.
  • People working on the distribution of our products with passion and force, because they do not aim to sell a product, but to find the perfect solution towards enhancing our clients’ market share with regards to price and ethics. 
If you see yourself in these values and this vision please write us immediately at “” or find a fitting position in our job section.